Westside Road Report

Tired Of Seeing ORANGE? Who isn’t?

This special report will help motorists avoid road construction and closures that can delay them!

Besides helping people steer clear of problem areas… “THE WESTSIDE ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND CLOSURE REPORT” will help remind drivers to slow down, pay attention and keep an eye out for flaggers and construction workers at these sites!

“THE WESTSIDE ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND CLOSURE REPORT” is yet another tool KUIK exclusively uses to keep Westside commuters relying on us for the latest information that will keep them away from annoying traffic snarls!


Things To Keep In Mind…

County crews and private contractors are tackling a long list of road construction and maintenance projects involving traffic delays and/or road closures.

All of this means increased concerns about public and worker safety in construction zones. The job of ensuring everyone’s safety falls to the flaggers in the orange vests. You can help them by doing your part to reduce work zone accidents.

  • Slow WAY down.
  • Pay attention to the advance warning signs.
  • Avoid distractions such as talking on cell phones or dealing with young children in a back seat.

Remember, while it may look like traffic is held up for no good reason, the flagger is aware of many work zone issues that may not be visible to you. These can include heavy equipment entering and leaving the project area, work on power and telephone lines, underground activity, pedestrians, bikes, etc.

Thanks for helping us improve Washington County’s road system in a safe manner!

Click the links below for helpful road closure and construction information.

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For all of the most current updates on road work in Washington County go to www.wc-roads.com.

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