Weekly Warm-Up With Vena

Day 2: Meeting My Trainer

The piercing sound of my alarm going off at 4:30am scared the living crap out of me. It is the middle of the night, what am I doing up? Ugh…..that is right, Hawthorn Farm is calling my name. I had one cup of coffee and then switched to water. Still not even sure what to expect. Are we going to actually do a workout? … > READ MORE


DAY 1: First Visit to Hawthorn Farms

Today was the first of many interviews with Dave Bourne and the Westside Morning Report. I felt it went well. It was a solid 8 minutes of us discussing the goals for me and HFAC. Now that it has been said, and it is “out there” the nerves have officially set in. Yikes! What have I agreed to? Our listeners and Facebook followers are going to know every intimate detail about me. I tend to be not so accurate when it comes to numbers, the scale says 202 lbs, my head says 185; because in my opinion a 5’3” lady in her 40’s should not be over 200 lbs. So, if I say 185 lbs often enough I may start actually believing it as truth. But then I look in the mirror. …> READ MORE


PROLOGUE : November 6, 2017

My meeting was scheduled at 10:30am and of course I was there at 10:20am. I walked through the front doors and noticed right away that I felt like I was at a clubhouse at a golf course. It was nice and the 2 guys behind the counter were super nice. So, I asked for the person I needed and met Jesse. Jesse is going to be my personal trainer for the next 6 months. I fear Jesse is going to break me. I fear Jesse is going to yank me right out of my comfort zone. I fear Jesse is going to realize that I am not an Olympic gold medalist in fitness. I also fear that he may one day find out that I had an egg mcmuffin on my way to work today. Yikes! A few moments after I arrived, we had a meeting regarding the station as well as my personal goals. I then received a tour of the place. What a nice club. I have never been a member of a gym or athletic club. Ever. This is a little overwhelming. But I am looking forward to doing this for work as well as myself.

As for the station, the goal is to promote the weekly updates as well as Hawthorn Farms Athletic Club. So, in addition to the weekly interview, the workouts, the classes etc…..I will be also keeping a daily log of my time spent at HFAC.

As for goals for me……well I am overweight. I don’t eat right. I have very little motivation to do anything exercise related. So, basically if HFAC can change everything about me, that would be the goal. Lol. I am obviously in need of a mental makeover as well as a physical one.

Wish me luck. Pray Jesse is nice to me……..well not too nice.