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safeassuredUnfortunately… we live in a time where our kid’s safety is threatened more than ever before!

Minutes Matter. There are 80 million kids in America under the age of 20. They are our most precious resource, and they need to be kept safe and secure. The U.S. Department of Justice reports over 2,000 children are reported missing each day; thankfully the vast majority of these children are recovered quickly. However… MANY are not!

SafeAssured ID is the most comprehensive, technologically advanced youth identification solution in the industry. In the event that your child goes missing, SafeAssured ID provides families with the power to deliver media and law enforcement with IMMEDIATE, holistic, and ready-to-broadcast information unique to the missing youth. Our goal is to have as many children enrolled as possible! Our hope is that no one ever has to use it.  The SafeAssured mini-CD provides a single storehouse of details containing personal identification information essential for location efforts.

The mini-CD secures this highly sensitive and private personal data with electronic encryption. The data can only be accessed when the parent/guardian presents the mini-CD to law enforcement. There is NO database stored.



Safe Assured ID keeps private information safe and in the hands of parents.
SafeAssured responds to the need for immediate action upon discovery that a person is missing.  The information contained on the mini-CD reveals a child’s life-like qualities as no still picture can.

Safe Assured ID provides you with:

  • Digital photograph and scanned finger prints
  • Streaming video showing movement and gait with both close-up and distant shots that are TV ready
  • Audio file providing the child’s voice inflection and accent
  • General physical characteristics of the child


Safe Assured ID IS the answer!

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