“Jayne Carroll Show” Listeners Pick Persecuted Citizen Journalist Mike Stickland As ‘2017 Person of the Year’

January 10, 2018

Jeremy Scott, Producer
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Nationally recognized citizen journalist, Mike Strickland, has been selected as The Jayne Carroll Show/KUIK’s “Oregon Person of the Year” in an online listener poll.  Strickland, the founder and principle contributor to a highly regarded alternative news site, LAUGHING AT LIBERALS, became the political target of left wing hate groups and their allies in Oregon government.  After being repeatedly physically assaulted for his video coverage of leftist protests and capturing politicians being absurd, dishonest, or counter to the image they project to the public, Strickland’s 2017 became a nightmare of arrest, incarceration, and eventual conviction on 22 gun law violations.  His case is under appeal.

Coming in a close second to Strickland (44.35% of the online vote), were the Columbia Gorge Firefighters (41.94%) for their bravery and unrelenting efforts in taking on and extinguishing one of the worst fires in Oregon history.  Nominees were submitted by KUIK Radio listeners, narrowed down to the top five, and then published on KUIK.com where the public voted over several weeks.

Other contenders were Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (7.26%), the only statewide elected Republican who is championing election integrity and trying to bring some overdue vigor to auditing state agencies for more transparency and fiscal accountability; Satan (4.84%) as emblematic of the belief of many that America is facing forces of evil, internationally and socially, at unprecedented levels; and Antifa (1.61%) for its undaunted violence, disruption, and destruction of public and private property throughout  the year.

In the summer of 2016, Mike Strickland was quietly covering a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Portland, Oregon.  He had positioned his camera to capture the events for eventual publication on his website.  Because he had been assaulted on several occasions by those attempting to stop him from doing his job as a citizen journalist, he was carrying a legally permitted concealed weapon.

As was thoroughly documented and reported by radio talk host Victoria Taft on her excellent blog covering the Strickland case, several of the protest organizers were “out to get them some Mike Strickland” that night.  They surrounded him, wearing their black masks, and started to move in on him en masse to collectively intimidate him.  Concerned for his safety, Strickland warned them he was carrying; but they did not back off and continued to menacingly move toward him and his camera.

Fearing the worst, Strickland pulled his gun and havoc ensued.  The aggressors started to scream “he has a gun” and those in the immediate area panicked.  Eventually when the situation calmed down, Strickland returned his gun to its concealed holster.  He was soon thereafter arrested by Portland Police.  The Oregonian in their coverage portrayed Strickland as a gun toting terrorist and not as the citizen journalist who was there covering the protest peacefully before he was intentionally cornered by a group of masked thugs.

Strickland was told by the arresting officer that he would likely be charged with a series of misdemeanors and would be freed on bail within a few hours.  But when Strickland returned to his bail hearing, he was in for a rude awakening.  His bail had been raised to $250,000, an amount far beyond what a struggling citizen journalist could muster for his freedom.  Mike Strickland had a political bulls-eye on him and the powerful were about to throw the book at him.

For the next few months, Mike Strickland went through unimaginable persecution.  He was evicted from his apartment, left to rot in jail until bail was made possible by a patriotic benefactor, and was facing up to 25 years in prison.  Many criticized him for not properly handling his permitted weapon during the protest melee; and the National Rifle Association did not respond to pleas to help.  However, Oregon’s leading defender of our second amendment rights, the Oregon Firearms Federation stepped up to the plate, helping Strickland with a legal defense fund and secured him a defense team.

When due to the bias of the potential jurors subpoenaed to be on Strickland’s jury, most of whom openly expressed opposition to gun ownership, Strickland’s defense team opted for a trial by judge.  In his week-long trial, which many observers believed completely exonerated Strickland of the charges against him, he was found guilty on all 22 counts, forbidden from using his video camera (his main source of income), and told that he could not go near any of the unidentified “victims” of his crimes.

Mike Strickland has secured a new legal team for his appeal; and has met his obligations for jail time in Multnomah County.  He was nominated and chosen as The Jayne Carroll Show/KUIK’s “Oregon Person of the Year” for handling the repercussions of being politically targeted with courage and a renewed vow to not cower to intimidation and the threat of long term incarceration for covering the news the establishment media ignores.

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Jayne Carroll is a conservative political analyst and former policy advisor, speechwriter, manager and media specialist.  She’s earned her stripes as the “First Lady of Talk Radio” over the past nearly 20 years on the “Voice of Washington County” 1360 AM KUIK, headquartered at the Hillsboro Airport.  Every weekday from 3-6pm, she keeps you up-to-the-minute on local, national and international politics, news and sports.  She is the only female conservative talk show host in the Portland metro area.