Hillsboro Parking Code Amendment: Do Not Park Near Mailboxes

A new rule prohibits you from parking too close to mailboxes in Hillsboro, specifically those curbside cluster mailboxes.  You must now give 11′ of clearance on either side.

The restrictions apply from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday, except federal holidays.  Violators could be subject to a parking citation.

Residents have reported to the city problems with vehicles blocking access.  A mail carrier can either get out of their vehicle, which over time, considerably delays deliveries.  Or they can skip delivery for the day.  That’s not necessarily convenient if you’re waiting on something important.  If the mailbox is repeatedly blocked, service can be discontinued permanently.

You can contact Hillsboro Public Works Department at (503) 681-6146 and request a “No Parking” sticker or contact code enforcement at (503) 615-6645 to enforce the regulation.  The city also recommends to “reach out to the person committing the action and ask them to comply with the new regulation”.

More information on parking enforcement can be found here.

— Jeremy Scott