The Jayne Carroll Show

jaynecarrollFor over 17 years, the Jayne Carroll Show has been KUIK’S local home to stay on top of what’s happening in the news.  From politics, sports, the law, to celebrities making headlines, if people are talking about it, the Jayne Carroll Show is your place to keep informed and be heard.

Jayne, a conservative political analyst, offers a local forum for heated and respectful discussion on a wide range of topics. Her show features fascinating local and national guests.

On the lighter side, the Jayne Carroll Show produces an action packed listener KUIK trivia contest, Cooking with Kristie & Carroll (a popular cooking show segment), and countless contests for delighted prize winners.

An educated, adult audience tunes in daily to Jayne’s refreshing approach to the day’s hot topics…and many of those listeners call in to discuss them!  Jayne has been actively involved in local and national politics for decades. She’s served as a policy advisor, speechwriter, manager, and media specialist…She knows what she’s talking about!

The Jayne Carroll Show is the only weekday female-hosted conservative talk show in the Portland metropolitan area from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Do you want to talk to Jayne?   Phone 503-648-0101.

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From The Inside: An Expose of the Political Left with Steve Beren

Every Monday @ 3:35pm

Dr. Gordon Fulks – Resident Physicist

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Conservative Council

Tuesdays 4:35-6:00pm

Dave Lister – Déjà Vu

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Kevin Hoar - Oregon Republican Party

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Robert Perkins - Cornelius Stadium Cinemas' Movie Talk

actvtheatersWednesdays @ 4:35pm

Once a week, the manager of Cornelius Stadium Cinemas Robert Perkins discusses all the hot new movie releases and makes his Perkins Pick:  His Must See Movie of the Week!

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Thursdays @ 4:20pm

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Everyday Cooking with Kristie & Carroll

Thursdays @ 5:35pm

Join Jayne & Kristie Greenwood Thursday afternoons where every week, you’ll find excellent recipes and ideas to energize your menus, delight your family and guests, and jumpstart your joy for cooking.

Awe your friends and family while making cooking fun again!  Join Kristie & Carroll, Thursdays on KUIK for Everyday Cooking.

Dave Lister - Lister on the Locals

Fridays @ 3:35pm

Trivia – The Fastest Hour in Radio

Sponsored by Elmer’s Restaurant on Fridays 4:00-5:00pm.

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