Day 2: Getting Started

The piercing sound of my alarm going off at 4:30am scared the living crap out of me. It is the middle of the night, what am I doing up? Ugh…..that is right, Hawthorn Farm is calling my name. I had one cup of coffee and then switched to water. Still not even sure what to expect. Are we going to actually do a workout? Or my preference, maybe we just grab a couple of donuts and coffee and talk about my workout. Now that would be awesome. Oh how wrong can one person be?????? I wore light sweat pants and a short sleeve shirt along with a pull over sweatshirt. When I asked what I should wear, I was told loose clothing and something I can move around in. Now, I was not sure how fashionable I should be. So I went with the light sweats and shirt. I got to Hawthorn Farm at the same time Jesse did. He sure did look peppy for 5:45am. We walked in, I checked in and we went upstairs to take measurements and weight. UGH!!!! Here it is, the part I have been most afraid of. Jesse was a true professional. My numbers are not great, but he was so supportive and kind. So here it is the solid truth of my current body condition:

Weight: 204.3lbs

Height: 5’3”

Waist Inches: 46”

Thigh Inches: 24”

Neck Inches: 15.8

Arm Inches: 12”

So, it is a true story, we have some work to do. I am ready to do this! After we talk a little bit more, we go to little work out area above the basketball court. We start off with some stretching. Then a couple of different moves. Before too long my thighs and hamstring are a little sore and not too long after that, they were full on burning. When we were done with these squat things, we stretched and my legs felt like jello.  Jesse said today was leg day and that my legs will be sore tomorrow. I am not sore at this point; I am just feeling a burn in my legs. Like they are so tired. And I am sweating! I mean I am sweating like I just ran a mile. Jesse said if we don’t sweat on leg day, we are not doing it right. We do a few more leg moves and then a little warm down and some stretching. At this point I am feeling like I am so out of shape. I feel like I am flopping around the floor. I do not feel graceful at all. Jesse counts down to when my work out was over. He told me good job. High fived me and we went back to his office to discuss tomorrow’s work out. Jesse informed me that today was a good work out. He said that he noticed I would correct myself if I was not standing the right direction. He said that I am a good person for this because I follow direction and listen. Oh Jesse……so cute, I don’t do either of these things. We finish up and I hit the locker room. We go down the stairs and it hits me like a brick. My legs were literally jelly. I had to hang on to the rail. But it felt good. It was a little rewarding that I had worked hard enough to feel it. I take a shower and get ready for work. I have decided at this point that working out is not a fashion statement. I will be wearing shorts and a tank top going forward. It is not about what I look like; it is about what I am doing. Hawthorn Farm makes me feel like I could wear whatever I want. So no more “matchy-matchy”, comfort is the key going forward.  I am at work by 7:30am and I feel great! I feel like I can take on the day! I don’t normally eat breakfast. I left Hawthorn Farm and I am starving!! I get to the office and am drinking more water than I have in a long time and I scarf down a ham and cheese sandwich that I had brought for lunch. After me being at work for a couple of hours, I go down the stairs……Yikes!!! Where did my legs go? I am holding on to the railing like it is literally holding me up. Jesse calls them Bambi legs. I agree. Now, on with my normal day. Until tomorrow……….