Everyday Cooking with Kristie Greenwood

kristieKristie Greenwood is a self confessed food-aholic!!  She reads about food.  She writes about food.  She probably has a subscription to every food magazine on the planet and owns more cookbooks then she would care to admit.  While eating breakfast, her mind is already wandering to what she will be enjoying at lunch.  She loves to try new recipes, experiment with different flavors, textures and presentations of food.  The simple fact being, she loves food and always has!

Coming from a background of being a professional chef, but also being a mom and household entertainer, Kristie is ready to share her knowledge of cooking and all things good nutrition and food with you.  She wants to help you bring the ease and enjoyment of cooking, back to your home table.  Making your family a healthy, nutritious meal, that they will all enjoy, should not be a chore.  So, join Kristie and learn how to hopefully skip the drive-thru and bring the family back to the table!

Tune-in to Kristie Greenwood, Thursdays on The Jayne Carroll Show and on Everyday Cooking at 10am Saturday mornings and let’s talk food!

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